6 Reasons to join the One Family One Meal program

Reason 1

Eat Together as a Family

Dinner is the one place where our whole family puts aside distractions and reconnects. We give you a straightforward plan for meals that even the busiest people can make work.

Reason 2

Cook One Meal for Everyone

Stop making multiple meals every night! You'll see how to dress up a dish for adults and dress it down for kids. It means less time cooking and fewer dishes to wash.
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Reason 3

Cut Shopping Time

When you make a plan, it's easy to shop just once a week. Choose your dishes from this week's features or the archives and we create your personalized shopping list with everything you need.
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Reason 4

Waste Less and Save Money

Our free menu plans and shopping lists help you save hundreds a year. We also identify recipes with $ codes and help you buy items in season.
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Reason 5

Recipes for Restrictive Diets

Whether you have gluten and dairy sensitivities or a vegetarian in the family, we have recipes and recipe adaptations for you. With many new recipes added each year, it's easy to accommodate everybody.
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Reason 6

Feed Your Family a
Nutritious Diet

I'm 10% professional cook and 90% mom. I create delicious, nutritious meals that everyone at my table will eat. Starting with the best organic ingredients and using simple cooking methods I make healthy, flavorful meals, and so can you!
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photos by Julie Mikos


Cashman Family Cashman Family
Simi Valley, CA
Rodgers Family Rodgers Family
Bend, OR
I am a working/stay at home mom who would rather spend time playing than cooking.  Your meals are easy to replicate and find ingredients for. Our daughters are 9 and 11 and enjoy your recipes as well.  Our family favorite thus far is your tortilla soup.  I even doubled the recipe and served it at a camping potluck dinner.  Since Amanda and OFOM came into my life, I feel like I have my own personal nutritionist!  Not only does she provide ideas for organic and nutritious meals, a shopping list AND simple recipes, she also goes out of her way to keep our budget reasonable so we can continue to enjoy a glass of wine here and there!  It's a fabulous deal and I am continually gratified knowing that my children are eating healthy and delicious meals. I've told everyone I know . . . thank you Amanda! 
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Amanda's Dish of the Week


Twisted Fish with Spring Vegetables

Cooking in parchment paper leaves you with food that is flavorful, tender, and totally kid-friendly.
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